Where Can You Buy Adidas Using Afterpay?

You’ve made a decision and you’ve formulated a resolution; where can you buy Adidas using Afterpay? Now that’s a good question and seems like a simple one to answer, right? Not… so… fast. That’s what I thought before I pressed ?€enter’ – in the ?€search tab’ – on the Afterpay website.

Do You Call Them Running Shoes or Gutties?


We all know about ?€Afterpay.com.’ the – ?€Shop now, pay later, pay in 4 instalments with zero interest and no fees when you pay on time’ – online shopping website. I typed in – ?€Adidas running shoes’; and waited for the results to pop up.


The Results Poured in

Soon, 74 store names flashed on the webpage. My job would have been done right there – if it were THAT simple. But I thought of a question, “How many of those 74 stores actually SELL Adidas running shoes?” Would you believe only 11? The rest of them ALL had the word Adidas embedded into their website – fooling both me and the Afterpay search engine. You’re probably wondering how I know. The answer is simple.

I Clicked Into All 74 Stores and Checked…

Blame me for having little to do on a Saturday afternoon, except drink wine, click buttons on my computer and provide a public service. Thank me later, if you’re ever looking – where to buy Adidas using Afterpay. Below, is a list of stores that carry Adidas superstar.

· Shoolu

· Pro Bike Kit

· Fight Club

· Acitve Ride Shop

· Killer Fashions

· Cariuma

· Coggles

· Robert Wayne

· Tillys

· Bandier

· Feature

The Lesson Learned Was

The moral of this story is; just because a store on Afterpay claim they have Adidas for sale, don’t presume they do. The other lesson I learned, is that I need to stock more wine in the house when I’m doing web research.